Discipleship (Phases 1, 2, 3)
  The residential discipleship program began in 1978 with three men mentored by Pastor Walt. Today, over 150 male and female disciples are housed in the Phoenix Dream Center.

The program has three phases - all at no cost to the disciple. With the help of the Holy Spirit, the goal is a new life free of addictions, bad habits, and unproductive thoughts that impede spiritual growth.

The first six months (Phase 1) are an intense Christian boot-camp with daily Bible classes, personal scripture assignments, physical training, Christian Overcomers class, outreaches to the poor and homeless, church services, and structured accountability.

The second six months (Phase 2) is designed to provide advanced life skills and work preparation, allowing for part-time employment after 90 days. Spiritual training continues with classes, church services, and accountability.

Phase 3 is a year-long ministry track when disciples can focus their gifts and skills to serve in one of our many outreaches and programs.

If you are interested in applying for our discipleship program, please fill out the following forms and bring them in or fax them to (602) 495-1430.

   The Green Berets
  The Green Beret program is an elite discipleship group trained to organize, instruct, supply and supervise in a special capacity.  These are men and women self-identified as leaders who can be dispatched in at a moment's notice to lead outreaches, preach, teach, and rescue other disciples who may be struggling.  They follow a more rigorous weekly schedule and are held to a higher standard.

   Men's Mission
  Temporary shelter and basic provisions are given to the homeless in our men's mission.  After their ten-day stay, some transfer to the working men's program at that same location, others apply for our residential discipleship program, while others are assisted in finding more permanent housing. 

"We're talking about training people, discipling people.  You know you can win them but then you've got to build them.  Just like when you have children, then you've got to raise them.  Just because you bring children into the world, your job isn't done.  It's just started.  And that's what I've learned.
When I first prayed the prayer, I thought that's all I had to do like everyone else.  But there's a lot of people that will pray the prayer that just need a lot of attention.  They need someone to lead them, guide them, and be there to encourage them.  You got to win them, and then you've got to build them.  You've got to work with them.  You've got to disciple them.  In fact, the Bible says that you've got to travail in birth until Christ is formed in them."                                               
~Pastor Walt
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